Time line:
26th March, 1971 [6:30am]

The entire city seems like a massacre. Khalid was feeling strange, he felt like he was having a nightmare, and that he has landed in hell in the judgment day. There were blood ridden corpses all over the streets and the numbers seems to be countless and stretched as long as he can stretch his vision. “What happened last night”? He was thinking. He knew that General Yahiya has tricked their leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman politically, but he thought the matter would be bounded to that entity. But, no one ever thought that Pakistan Army would get into a genocidal act in the middle of the night and kill whatever living things came in front of them. He became curious, though he could feel the mixed feeling of rage and scariness. He kept on walking to see what’s more is waiting near the main road. As he reached the end of the footpath and turned right, he saw some of his neighbors gathered; standing and murmuring. Khalid walked ahead to join them hoping he would get to know what actually happened overnight. There was Musa, Joyonto and others talking about a war. This time he really felt scared, as he has his wife and 2 kids with him. “What happened last night? I felt the sound of firearms a lot” he asked. “Pakistan Army has broken into Dhaka and killed hundreds of thousands. The entire city seems empty. Many innocent people have died.” Musa replied. “Bangabandhu has called a meeting in the Racecourse field. Thousands are gathering to hear what he has to say. He would probably declare a war against Yahiya.” Joyonto said. Khalid was thinking what Bangabandhu might say in the afternoon. Clearly he has captured a place in everybody’s heart and no doubt he has been a true leader. He also risked his life for this country and its independence. He has carefully followed Bangabandhu’s political acts, and he also has developed a place in his heart for him too. He felt how West Pakistan has been unfair to his countrymen, and how they would always try to keep them in the dark. He felt the fire in his heart, to make Bangla the national language this country, to make his land independent from Pakistan. There were dreams in his eyes for a country name Bangladesh. He instantly decided if there is a war, he would join the freedom fighters, and he would take his family to the village and keep them there.

It was a mild and soothing evening. Thousands of people have gathered in the racecourse field. Everybody was coming out after the meeting. Their leader has declared independence war against Pakistan. It was a very enthusiastic and logical speech given by Bangabandhu. Khalid along with Musa and Joyonto was present in the field. They all have decided to join the battle of independence. The entire crowd seemed like hypnotized with their leader’s speech. As they were walking off, they saw processions after procession, coming from different direction of the crossroad. The city seemed to be extremely excited, and everybody was ready to save their country and language from the cunning Pakistan Government. They felt pretty relieved as many people gave life for this country, as it started from way back at February 1952. Only Bangabandhu can save this country from unfairness and torture of the Pakistanis.

It was a story of three men among others who have survived that horrible night of 25th March. The story of a fearless leader who dedicated himself for the welfare of his country; for independence and how he managed to lead his country to independence and place himself in the place of history.

In 16th December, 1971, a small country name Bangladesh was born on the face of earth. A new language Bangla was introduced, and a brand new national anthem written by famous writer Rabindrnath Tagore was sung for the first time officially. A country was able to get recognition from many countries around the world. The world got the opportunity to know and praise the story of a fearless and patriotic leader, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. A leader who fought for his language, his countrymen and their rights and existence. A leader who will always live in the heart of every generation of Bangladesh.

Every year 21st February, the world celebrates “International Language Day”, in memory of those patriots who died for their language rights. In remembrance of a country who showed the rare incident of fighting for their mother language….

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